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Top questions from workers

1 Why should I use kazi? How is it different?

Kazi enables you to work at your convenience with jobs available on demand. Payment is done instantly through the app once you complete your work.

2 Who qualifies to work on KAZI?

Everyone who is skilled and above 18 years old qualifies to work on KAZI.

3 What is the difference between getting clients on KAZI app, versus locally?

On kazi you get realtime requests to work, you can set your own cost of service and negotiate with the client, Assured payment as client commits payment before engaging you and you can withdraw money to M-Pesa at any time.

4 Is KAZI a Kenyan or Foreign product?

It’s a kenyan product owned by Kazi now Limited.

5 How do I register and earn as a kazi service provider?

The Worker downloads the App from google play store and follows the registration process provided on the app for the chance to start earning as a service provider.

6 What is required from me in order to sign up as a service provider?

To Sign up as a service provider one needs to provide their Official Name, skill(s), must have an identity card/ passport and a smartphone.

7 How many locations in total can I select and offer my services in?

A service provider has the chance to select three locations suitable to offer their services.

8 Are there interviews? Do I need to prepare anything for the interview?

No there are no face to face interviews but there is the verification process for security purposes.

9 Do I need to leave my current job in order to be a KAZI worker?

NO. One can still work at their current job.

10 How will my work be calculated in the app?

Per day, per hour and per task billing rate.

11 Are there any fees associated with offering my services through kazi?

 The KAZI App gets 25% commission for linking the client and the service provider.

12 Why don’t you answer the phone when I call?

Yes reach our support team on 0719034200. Feel free to also reach out to us via chat or at

Top questions from workers

1 How do I get started?
2 How are workers screened?
3 What should I do if a worker gets injured during their work?
4 What’s the cancellation policy?
5 How do I contact Support?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or via chat.